LGBT, LGBT Toy's history and details. Lesbian sex toys and gay sex pleasure toys In India.

History of LGBT?

History of LGBT

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Basically LGBT characterize, the person's sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. In the term LGBT, LGB refers to the sexual orientation and the term T refers to gender identity or expression. Sexual orientation is an everlasting sample of sexual attraction with different gender people or with the same gender humans which includes guys to ladies, women to guys, girls to girls or men to men.

The oldest LGBT in history sight to be in Egypt around 2400 BC. Here the couples are men, whose name is Aniker karnum and Carnumhotep. These two people express their maximum intimate appearance in the rules of Egyptian art touching their nostril while protecting their shoulders and hands surrounded by people.

The term lesbians is used first time in 600 BC. In the 27th century BC, in Roman Empire first time same sex marriage is recorded. In 342 BC, homosexuality was accepted first time in every ancient culture except Christianity. In 390 BC, the Christian emperor declare that the sexual intercourse was illegal. In the year 1000 BC, same sex marriage declare as a legal in the East Roman society.

In the year 1836, the remaining execution for homosexuality is done in the UK. In the year 1880, Japan declare the sexual intercourse as a legal and canceled the sexual intercourse sex act as illegal. In the year 1889 in Italy, homosexuality was legalized. In the year 1920, the word gay is used first time as referring to homosexuals. In 1924, the first gay rights organization association in the United States founded in Chicago. By 1944, many countries such as Uruguay, Iceland, Switzerland and Sweden make the homosexuality as a non criminal.

History of recent years ?

History of recent years

In a last few years many country accepted homosexuality as a non criminal. In year 1952 Japan launched the first gay magazine. In 1970, the first gay liberation day march in New York will be held. In the year 1971, Japan announced that homosexuality is in the House of Councilors election and is running for candidacy. Sweden was the first in the world to transsexually accept legal changes in sex and to receive free hormone treatment. This was held in 1972. In 1976, a gay group which is called Japan Gay Free Liberation Union, found in Japan. In 1978, the rainbow flag first time prepare as a symbol of a gay parade in Sydney. In year 2014, Legalization of same sex marriage in Britain, France. In year 2015 , gay marriage passed in US. Along with that, LGBT is gradually being accepted in the world, and various kinds of LGBT sex toys, gay toy and lesbian toy are also manufactured and sold.